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Jane Muende – Winner Lowes Dickenson medal
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Post Card Show Winners

On Thursday 19 January, a private view and prize giving event took place for all the learners who submitted a postcard as part of an exhibition at WMC-The Camden College.

Learner across all subject areas were encourage to submit a postcard on the theme of ‘I am London’.

There were no restrictions on media or material used as long as it was A6 in size and it could be 2D or 3D. Over 100 entries were received and the variety of techniques used included photography, print, drawing, painting, textiles, jewellery, creative writing, graphic design and illustration.

The entries reflected our diverse range of learner’s experiences as a long-term Londoner or as a recent residents. Learners were asked to consider what it’s like in their bit of London, or as a tourist. What they see as the positives and negatives of this city and what is it like as a city to learn in.

The judges had a hard time shortlisting the winners as the quality of entries was fantastic but they whittled it down to seven winners who all won a range of prizes from £10 to £25 in CASS vouchers.

The winners are:

  • Michael Barton
  • Dawn Finn
  • Brian Ellis
  • Henry Cleaver
  • Kai Duckworth
  • Zachary Merle
  • Nesh Mckinley

Anna Marlen-Summers, Curriculum Manager for Art & Design, who organised the exhibition said “We were overwhelmed with the entries received for the ‘I am London’ exhibition. It was fantastic to see such a range of techniques used to create something that is quite small as it’s only an A6 sized postcard but the learners all excelled themselves for this exhibition.

“The comments we have received from those who have come along to see the exhibition has been extremely positive and the learners are so proud to show off their work to their peers and see it hanging up on the wall for all the other learners to see.

“It’s great to see the talents of our learners coming to fruition. I want to thank all the learners who took the time to submit their postcard as each one is fantastic. I’m looking forward to seeing how many entries we receive next year!”



The 2017 Postcards show “I am London”

Post card Show:

Learners at WMC were invited to submit a postcard on the theme of “I am London”.

There were no restrictions on media or material so it could be photograph, a print, a drawing, a painting, a piece of textiles, or ceramics or glass, or jewellery displayed on a postcard, or creative writing, or a bit of graphic design or illustration……..

That says “I Am London”

Along as it is A6 in size it wasbe included! (105mm x 148mm)

The entries reflect our diverse range of learner’s experiences as long-term Londoners or as a recent residents. They  consider what it’s like in their bit of London and also as a tourist, they address:  What are the positives and negatives of this city? What is it like as a city to learn in?

The exhibition runs in the Ruskin Gallery 9th Jan to 10th Feb 2017

With an opening event and prize giving on Thursday 19th January


Lowes Dickenson Prize

Prizes were awarded as follows:


Brian Innes (Awarded £50)

Marysia Kratimenos (Awarded £50)

Dawn Finn (Awarded £50)


Juan Alberto Lopez Hernandez (highly Commended)

Greg Dunlop (Awarded £100)


Vojsava Fakhro (Awarded £200)

Patrick Smith (Awarded £250)



Mims Griffith (Winner of the Lowes Dickenson Award Travel Grant £500)


Prizes were presented by Maria Cuji (Lowes Dickenson winner, 2015)



WMC Open

wmc poster

Work on display by the following students:


1 Gina Birch

2 Annable O’Grady

3 Rebecca Danison

4 Layne Comarasawmy

5 Layne Comarasawmy

6 Patrick Smith (awarded £50)

7 Patrick Smith

8 Andrew Mann

9 Sean Philips

10 Christine Whitchead

11 Xenia Miltadou

12 Ozlem Atlas

13 Seba Pige

14 Juan Alberto Lopez Hernandez (highly Commended)

15 Christine Piscina

16 Bec Anderson

17 Brian Innes (Awarded £50)

18 Wendy Falconer

19 Dawn Finn

20 Ozlem Atlas

21 Layne Comarasawmy

22 Marysia Kratimenos (Awarded £50)

23 Mike Ezra

24 Kardina Blajszczak

25 Unnamed work

26 Bec Anderson

27 Carole Dejong

28 Un named work

29 Ruth Gardner

30 Patrick Smith (Awarded £250)

31 Hermione Sacks

32 Katya Mons-Rushby

33 Un named work

34 Un named work

96 Alison Douglas

97 Shiva Kashizadeh

98 Bob McSorley

99 Shiva Kashizadeh

100 Kusum Nelson Jones

101 Un Named

102 Stefania Camficho

103 Nevena Simovic

104 Un Named

105 –Vojsava Fakhro (Awarded £200)

106 Nick Beeton

107 –Mims Griffith (Winner of the Lowes Dickenson Award Travel Grant £500)

108 Unnamed

109 Jane Jackling

110 John Yeudall

111 Helen Haigh

112 Jane Muende Ross

113 Lesley John

114 George Deville

115 Margaret Rich

116 Un Named

117 Valerie Weiner

118 Bec Anderson

119 Greg Dunlop (Awarded £100)




WMC Open- Call for submissions

WMC Open – Inspired by Mexico

The annual WMC open has been moved this year to the summer term and will be on display in the Ruskin gallery

11th April – 27th May 2016

Work must be submitted ready for display. 2D work either framed on or board or canvas with a hook attached. 3D work must be stable and of a size to display in the glass cabinets (approx. 30cm cubed).

All work to be labelled with name, contact details, course and title of work

Technicians will visit classes to discuss submission methods and framing options during this term


In addition, once work is displayed, you can also enter the Lowes Dickenson Prize by completing a form from reception.

Prizes up to a £500 Travel grant are available!!!!


All work to be submitted to the technician’s office in room 901

 22nd 23rd, 24th March 2016

Clearly labelled on the back with names, course and contact details

Prize giving and Private view: 5th May

Including food drink, music and day of the dead make up!

Any queries please contact annas@wmcollege.ac.uk

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