Sill LIFE Drawing


Observational Drawing and Painting forms the backbone of any artist’s studies. Here at WMC our learners produce amazing observational work in a number of the classes and this show is an opportunity to show case some of this:

Participants include:

Audrey Houtman             Untitled                                                 Life Drawing Studio JU


Allen Granditer                                 Seated Nude, Oil             Life Drawing Studio JU


Mavis Philbeam                Magda in the style of Watteau, Red Pastel    Life Drawing Studio JU


Cleonice Martín                Iconic, Monoprint                                                      Printmaking NP


Cleonice Martín                Untitled, Etching                                                 Printmaking NP


Cleonice Martín                Untitled, Linocut                                                           Printmaking NP


Marysia Kratimenos        Seashells, Watercolour                                               Painting PP


Pam McKinzie                    Untitled, Acrylic                                                                 Painting PP


Christine Whitehead      Magada, Acrylic                                                               Painting PP


Joanna van Heynigen     Magada, Acrylic *     (poster image)                        Painting PP


Ruth Gardiner                  Magada, Acrylic                                                               Painting PP


Angelo Corsi                      Magada, Acrylic                                                               Painting PP


Layne Comarasawmy     Magada, Acrylic                                                               Painting PP


Ted Lord                             Untitled, Acrylic                                 Drawing Introduction NP


Richard Jolly                      Untitled                                  Life Drawing Intermediate PP


Helen Gledhill                   Untitled, Acrylic                                                                 Painting PP


Joanna van Heynigen     Emporium Bakery Islington, Acrylic                          Painting PP


Joanna van Heynigen     Patty’s Flowers, Acrylic                                                  Painting PP


Joanna van Heynigen     Untitled, Acrylic                                                                 Painting PP


John Yeudall                      Ben, Ink & Pastel                                          Ceramics Studio TS


Christine Whitehead      Untitled, Acrylic                                                                Painting PP


Layne Comarasawmy     Untitled, Graphite                                                           Painting PP


Layne Comarasawmy     Untitled, Acrylic                                                                Painting PP




life poster

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