Main Gallery

WMC Studio Courses Show 2020

The WMC Art Department is very proud to present a collection of over 80 works from our Studio learners. Specialisms include: Sculpture, Drawing & Painting, Printmaking, Ceramics, Jewellery and Woodcarving.

Exhibits have been created by learners studying on our Studio courses at the college. These are courses designed for learners with some experience of the discipline they study, and present a learning environment in which to hone and perfect their skills and develop personal project ideas. The quality of work submitted for our exhibitions has improved year-on-year and I’m sure you will enjoy viewing work both online on our Ruskin Gallery Website and in the Ruskin Gallery at our Crowndale Road site. 

5th floor Gallery

A photographic exhibition in the 5th Floor Gallery.
The theme of Identity lies at the heart of this project by our photography learners. The images submitted aim to raise awareness of social diversity and equality, exploring the wide array of people and places in the city of London. In a time of transition and of complex social and political relationship, learners have captured a wide range of characters from different ethnic and cultural background to help us recognise and accept different ways of being that are not necessary our own.

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