Sill LIFE Drawing


Observational Drawing and Painting forms the backbone of any artist’s studies. Here at WMC our learners produce amazing observational work in a number of the classes and this show is an opportunity to show case some of this:

Participants include:

Audrey Houtman             Untitled                                                 Life Drawing Studio JU


Allen Granditer                                 Seated Nude, Oil             Life Drawing Studio JU


Mavis Philbeam                Magda in the style of Watteau, Red Pastel    Life Drawing Studio JU


Cleonice Martín                Iconic, Monoprint                                                      Printmaking NP


Cleonice Martín                Untitled, Etching                                                 Printmaking NP


Cleonice Martín                Untitled, Linocut                                                           Printmaking NP


Marysia Kratimenos        Seashells, Watercolour                                               Painting PP


Pam McKinzie                    Untitled, Acrylic                                                                 Painting PP


Christine Whitehead      Magada, Acrylic                                                               Painting PP


Joanna van Heynigen     Magada, Acrylic *     (poster image)                        Painting PP


Ruth Gardiner                  Magada, Acrylic                                                               Painting PP


Angelo Corsi                      Magada, Acrylic                                                               Painting PP


Layne Comarasawmy     Magada, Acrylic                                                               Painting PP


Ted Lord                             Untitled, Acrylic                                 Drawing Introduction NP


Richard Jolly                      Untitled                                  Life Drawing Intermediate PP


Helen Gledhill                   Untitled, Acrylic                                                                 Painting PP


Joanna van Heynigen     Emporium Bakery Islington, Acrylic                          Painting PP


Joanna van Heynigen     Patty’s Flowers, Acrylic                                                  Painting PP


Joanna van Heynigen     Untitled, Acrylic                                                                 Painting PP


John Yeudall                      Ben, Ink & Pastel                                          Ceramics Studio TS


Christine Whitehead      Untitled, Acrylic                                                                Painting PP


Layne Comarasawmy     Untitled, Graphite                                                           Painting PP


Layne Comarasawmy     Untitled, Acrylic                                                                Painting PP




life poster

Still Life Drawing- Call for Submissions


Still / LIFE / Drawing

21st Feb 2016 – 26th March 2016

 Observational Drawing and Painting forms the backbone of any artist’s studies. Here at WMC our learners produce amazing observational work in a number of the classes and we are looking to display some in a show in the Ruskin gallery.

 You can submit a drawing or a painting in any media provided it is from direct observation.

Work must be submitted ready for display, either framed on or board or canvas with a hook attached. Technicians will visit classes to discuss submission methods and framing options.


All work to be submitted to the technician’s office in room 901 10th/ 11th / 12th February

Clearly labelled on the back with names, course and contact details

There will be an opening event announced nearer the time.

Postcards From Camden

postcards poster


Honey Muscatt (Foundation Diploma Art and Design)


Highly Commended:

Katia Demetriou-Jones (Foundation Diploma Art and design)


Francesca Souza (Print making)


Susannah Fairbank-Angus (Foundation Diploma Art and Design)



editions posterAn exhibition of Printmakers work from the Kentish Town Site

WMC Summer Show 2015

Working Men’s College Summer Show 2015

WMC End of the year 14-15_Art pieces-60

We proudly present the summer show in the Ruskin Gallery at Working Men’s College, 2015. The show consists of works submitted by students attending leisure classes in art and design at the college, including illustration, fine art, printmaking, photography, drawing, interior design, sculpture, ceramics, woodwork, fashion, textiles, and jewellery. Reflecting the diverse range of students, disciplines, and interests, the show is fun, lively, and diverse. We hope you will enjoy it. A warm thank you to everyone who took part, to the teaching staff who helped nurture this fantastic range of works, and to the art technicians who are always at hand with support and guidance.

Pernille Holm


   WMC End of the year 14-15_Art pieces-100  WMC End of the year 14-15_Art pieces-94

WMC End of the year 14-15_Art pieces-68   WMC End of the year 14-15_Art pieces-62   WMC End of the year 14-15_Art pieces-26

WMC End of the year 14-15_Art pieces-88   WMC End of the year 14-15_Art pieces-10   WMC End of the year 14-15_Art pieces-1

WMC End of the year 14-15_Art pieces-97   WMC End of the year 14-15_Art pieces-83

WMC End of the year 14-15_Art pieces-39   WMC End of the year 14-15_Art pieces-90   WMC End of the year 14-15_Art pieces-75

WMC End of the year 14-15_Art pieces-18    WMC End of the year 14-15_Art pieces-107

WMC End of the year 14-15_Art pieces-1   WMC End of the year 14-15_Art pieces-56  WMC End of the year 14-15_Art pieces-30

WMC End of the year 14-15_Show-8  WMC End of the year 14-15_Show-12  WMC End of the year 14-15_Show-96

WMC End of the year 14-15_Show-68  WMC End of the year 14-15_Show-45  WMC End of the year 14-15_Show-82

WMC End of the year 14-15_Show-32   WMC End of the year 14-15_Show-70

WMC End of the year 14-15_Show-50  WMC End of the year 14-15_Show-30    WMC End of the year 14-15_Show-20

WMC End of the year 14-15_Show-77  WMC End of the year 14-15_Show-74  WMC End of the year 14-15_Show-80

WMC End of the year 14-15_Show-88   WMC End of the year 14-15_Show-98  WMC End of the year 14-15_Show-4

WMC End of the year 14-15_Show-15  WMC End of the year 14-15_Show-16  WMC End of the year 14-15_Show-57

fine art invite2015

Studio 901

6 – 22 May 2015

The exhibition ‘Studio 901’ showcases the work of 14 Fine Artists who come together every Tuesday at Working Men’s College in studio 901 to work on projects, take part in workshops, and share ideas. The Fine Art course is for artists at all stages in their creative practice whether they are beginners who are just starting out, or experienced artists with degrees and years of experience behind them. What unites the group is a genuine curiosity about contemporary art and a need to talk to and bounce off ideas with like-minded people.

The art work in the show is the result of one, and in some cases two term’s work. Some of it has been made in response to themed workshops and group discussions on notions and experiences of ‘Time’, and also ‘Chromophilia’, the obsessive passion for colour. Other work has been independently generated where artists have pursued their own line of inquiry and experimentation. Altogether, the variety of the work on display makes for a very lively exhibition, which is a true reflection of what goes on in Studio 901.

160 years / 160 postcards – Winners Announced

Congratulations to the winners

and all who took part

On 4 December, a judging panel viewed all 160 submissions in the exhibition to find 3 works with eye catching and memorable designs.  As you may imagine, they had their work cut out.

The panel made the following selections:

1st Prize – Vojsava Fakhro

Vosjava Fakhro 1st

2nd Prize – Ludmila Beranova

Ludmilla Beranova 2nd

3rd Prize – Emma Schwarz

Emma Schcwarz 3rd

Congratulations to our 3 prize winners.

Thank you to everyone involved in this project.  The varied and vibrant submissions have made for one of the most memorable exhibitions in the Ruskin Gallery.

160 Years of WMC Celebrated in 160 postcards

160 Years

Celebrated in 160 Art Works


Working Men’s College is proud to present a lively visual art show of 160 small-scale works in the Ruskin Gallery to mark the 160th anniversary of the institution.

Founded in 1854, Working Men’s College is the oldest surviving adult education establishment in Europe. It has a remarkable history as a centre for innovation and excellence in the visual arts. Early supporters included distinguished artists and critics: John Ruskin, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Burne Jones, Holman Hunt, and Ford Maddox Brown who pioneered the revolutionary Arts and Crafts and Pre-Raphaelite movements. 160 years later, the visual arts are still going strong. The work may look very different – there is less paint, charcoal, figurines and scenic vistas, and more photography, collage, and playful experimentation with letterforms and abstraction – but the desire to create, make, and experiment with visual forms and languages is the same. As with our eminent forbearers, we draw inspiration and encouragement from the past, whilst looking ahead, pushing the boundaries of the visual arts, of what we know and think we can do.

Wright Sarah 1                Marilena Onorato

All the works in the exhibition have been made by current students, staff, and alumni who, only a month ago, were invited to take part in the project. Everyone, whether just starting out or enjoying careers as successful artists, was encouraged to make a ‘card’ to commemorate and celebrate the college. The response has been overwhelming. Reflecting the diverse range of students and staff, the cards made for the show are immensely creative, varied, and diverse, spanning across several media, including drawing, painting, printmaking, textiles, photography, and performance. Their approaches range from straightforward celebratory greetings and historical testimonies, including archival photographs of our college, to more indirect abstract references and personal memories that explore the visual and emotional landscapes of the environment. Most importantly, every card is unique and personal. This makes for an eccentric, eclectic, and enormously fun exhibition. A warm thank you to everyone who took up the brief and submitted such fantastic works.

Pernille Holm


Delphine006         katre Luik        Ben Senior005


Prizes @ WMC 13/14 – Retrospective

Lowes Dickinson Prize 2014
and the
Frances Martin Prize 2014

(September 2014 – October 2014)

Displayed throughout September and October 2014, the works from the successful entries to the Lowes Dickinson Prize and the new Francis Martin Prize.

The Lowes Dickinson Prize is named after Lowes Cato Dickinson who was a tutor, artist and founder member of Working Men’s College.  The Prize is funded through a grant left by him to enhance the learner experience at Working Men’s college and has manifested itself in many versions over the years, ranging from travel scholarships to one-off prizes for artworks.

In offering a number of prizes, the Prize aims to support the learning of students at Working Men’s College. This year the Prize was split into 3 categories: Personal Journey in Learning, Contribution to the Community and Sustainability and Heritage.


New for students in 2013/14 was our pilot Francis Martin Prize for poetry and literature which celebrated the literary works of our students.  WMC students they got creative by putting pen to paper or by typing up their prose.  The prize has its roots firmly based in the College as Frances Martin founded the College for Working Women which was house together and then merged with WMC in the 20th century. Winners are also celebrated in the Ruskin Gallery.


Successes in 2013/14

Lowes Dickinson Prize 2014

Name / Category / Title / Course

Vojsava Fakhro / Personal Journey in Learning / Girl with a gold earring / Sculpture All Levels

Clifford Gabb / Personal Journey in Learning / The Conversation / Fine Art All Levels

George Little / Personal Journey in Learning / Seated Lady / Life Drawing All Levels

Jane Mundeross / Personal Journey in Learning / Ceramic Boats / Handbuilt Forms

Khadija Raza / Personal Journey in Learning / Model set theatre based on Sylvia Beach / Foundation Diploma Art and Design

Joanna Sawicka / Personal Journey in Learning / Untitled / Ceramics Level 2

Hideko Oka Ward / Personal Journey in Learning / Head of girl / Handbuilt Forms

Christopher Simpson / Contribution to the Community / Untitled / Foundation Diploma Art and Design

Michael Alderton / Sustainability and Heritage / That’s All Folks! / Painting: Developing Techniques

Charlotte Gilks / Sustainability and Heritage / 30 teapots / Foundation Diploma Art and Design

Francesca Souza / Sustainability and Heritage / Relative Bonds /

Somaye Zadeh / Contribution to the Community / Performance (Iranian + Middle Eastern Jazz fusion) / Pro Logic Intermediate

20141024_095907_resized 20141024_095728_resized

Frances Martin Prize 2014

Name / Title / Course

Anne-Marie Clarke / Slapdash / Fine Art All Levels – First Prize

Somaye Zadeh / The Funk / Logic Pro Intermediate – Second Prize

Sam Flynn / An Alien Sends a Postcard from Ridley Road / Creative Writing – Joint Third Prize

Andrew McCall / S Stands for Scotland / Creative Writing – Joint Third Prize

20141024_095650_resized 20141024_095814_resized

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