Fine Art Exhibition 30 April – 3 June

Fine Art All Levels Exhibition


Fine Art Show at The Ruskin Gallery

Private View 29 April 6:30-8:30pm

Exhibition opens 30 April and runs until 3 June

This lively show celebrates the work of 12 Fine Artists who meet every Tuesday in the art studio 901 at Working Men’s College. They have come together to share and develop their work and ideas, and this show is the fruit of their hard work and playful experiments over the last two terms.

The artists in the show come from a variety of backgrounds: some have completed diplomas and degrees and have several years of experience behind them, others have just started out. Quite a number of them work in new media – video, photography, and performance – yet others prefer traditional forms of painting and drawing. Many have joined the group because they need a space and focus for their work; others because they enjoy the support and feedback you get from a community.

But they all have one thing in common: an open and inquisitive mind. Throughout the months, ideas have been explored, embraced, tested, debated, materialised, reworked, questioned, critiqued, and then explored again. Fine Art is a funny business today, because it appears that everything goes, and yet it doesn’t. With the freedom to work in any media and materials you like – whether paint, film, rubbish, chocolate, or stuffed animals – comes the need for rigour, questioning, and self-imposed limits and frameworks. And these artists, whether just starting out, or continuing a long-standing practice, seem to have understood this balance well: they have embraced new ideas, materials, and working practices with open minds, yet never without rigorous testing and critical examination, which bespeaks a serious commitment to the discipline of Fine Art, here edgily retitled as Nife Rat.

Students Exhibiting


Mladenka Vujicic Ninkovic

Mladenka Vujicic Ninkovic - Chair


Jane Musgrove

Jane Musgrove - Shifts in Time

Shifts in Time

Louise Harrison

Louise Harrison - Comfort


Mohammed Akram

Mohammed Akram - Ghosts

Clifford Gabb

Clifford Gabb - Skin

Clare Lewis

Clare Lewis - Echoic Memory
Echoic Memory

Parvin Dabaghmanesh

Parvin Dabaghmanesh - My Precious Little Pieces
My Precious Little Pieces

Felicity Field

Felicity Field - On The Road
On the Road

Michaela Howard

Michaela Howard - Lobster Ghosts

Lobster Ghosts

Tara Wellesley

Tara Wellesley - Mice Elf

Mice Elf

Liz Wharfe

Liz Wharfe - Untitles


Judy Neville

Judy Neville - The Flower Show

Flower Show

Working Men’s College Fine Art students exhibit their work @ the Ruskin Gallery, Working Men’s College

Private View 29 April 6:30-8:30pm

Exhibition opens 30 April and runs until 3 June

Opening times

Monday to Friday 9am until 7:30pm, Saturday 10am until 2pm – term time only

Monday to Friday 10am until 4pm – holidays (closed bank holidays)

fine art invite


About ruskingallery

The Ruskin Gallery is located at the Working Men's College in Camden. Ruskin Gallery is a contemporary gallery located in the historic building of Working Men’s College in Camden. In addition to providing students the opportunity to show at a professional level, the exhibition programme at Ruskin Gallery involves inviting external artists for site specific projects. The Ruskin Gallery is run by curator Esther Windsor, who is a curator, artist and writer living and working in London. Working Men’s College (WMC), the oldest surviving adult education institute in Europe, was founded in 1854 and was associated with the Cooperative Movement and the Christian Socialists, stemming, from the same tradition that led later to the Worker’s Educational Association. The Working Women’s College, founded 10 years later in 1864, finally merged with WMC in 1967. Early supporters of both have included F D Maurice, John Stuart Mill, Tom Hughes, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, John Ruskin, Ford Maddox Brown, Walter de la Mare and Octavia Hill. Originally based in Red Lion Street, we have been in this listed building in Camden Town since 1905. We have continued to develop the tradition of liberal education and today the College serves the whole community, with women, unemployed and refugee students forming the majority of the student body. We have grown rapidly in recent years but are still small enough to know all our students and to respond to their individual needs. WMC was designated as a Specialist Designated Institution (SDI) under the 1992 Further Education Act.