Lowes Dickinson Art Prize 2011

The Lowes Dickinson Prize is named after Lowes Cato Dickinson who was a tutor, artist and founder member of Working Men’s College.  The Prize is funded through a grant left by him to enhance the learner experience at Working Men’s college and has manifested itself in many versions over the years, ranging from travel scholarships to one-off prizes for artworks.

In offering a number of prizes (total value of £2000), the Prize aims to support the learning of students at Working Men’s College.  This year we have created different categories of prize which are linked to the breadth of creative works made by the students in the Arts and Humanities Department.  The categories are: Personal Journey in Learning, Cultural Exchange and Diversity, Sustainability, Contribution to the Community, and Arts and Crafts Heritage.  The 36 artworks displayed at the Ruskin Gallery (WMC) until 2 December 2011.  The exhibition is curated by Resident Curator Erica Shiozaki.

This year’s Panel includes Governor Barbara Burman, CSM Progression Manager Janey Hagger, WMC staff John Bowstead and writer Icilma Warner Johnson.

We wish to thank all the WMC staff members, external individuals, and applicants who have showed enthusiasm and helped  realise the Lowes Dickinson Prize 2011.  Special thanks goes to Susie Wright, Carl Snellgrove and Leonardo Ulian.

Congratulations to all the winners including  Susan Aykroy, Emmar Sarkar, David Glenster, Philip Niesing, Bekki Perriman, and Erik Richards for the Personal Journey and Learning category; Alessandro Carboni for Cultural Exchange and Diversity; Balfour Mohammed and Ashley-Yin Karriem for Contribution to the community;  Marysia Kratimenos for Arts and Crafts Heritage; and finally Zvikomborero Mutayambizi and Kay Clinton for Travel Awards.

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