Brigitte Mierau is a storyteller.  She weaves ephemeral moments together, stitches memories, and appliqués metaphors on fabric.  Through her textile, she creates a realm of thoughts that are at once intimate and personal, yet also universal and common.  The obsessive compositions often describe integral points in her world that led her to question life and human-ness.  These are human stories that depict human challenges.

One of the greater concerns for Mierau is our (un)consciousness of time, and as she states, “Time plays a three-fold role; in the form of depicted snapshots in my life; the time I use in the actual making process, and my attempt at trying to slow down time (Mierau, 2011)”.  In resisting the use of machine, Mierau grows conscious of her time and how it flows, and in so doing she gains control of the very element that builds her life.

Her commitment and realisation of ‘time’ has been reflected in works like Homage to Günther (2010), Never Give Up (2010), and Today I Would Not (2010).  The small but ornate embroidery of Günther on his old handkerchief solemnly and sombrely vows to the act of creating, whilst Never Give Up collects influential quotes in the style of comic artist Robert Crumb, and Today I Would Not metaphorically states the urgency to commit to her time.

Her auditory impairment had led her to become much more attuned and conscious of her visual experiences, whether it be a deep dream as seen in A Crack in Time (2011), or a glimpse of reality represented in Millbank (2010).  Mierau’s use of text within her stitching expand on the idea of the visual, and stand as a strong reminder that vision is much more about perception as an internal act, rather than an external or physical manifestation.

Having completed her ACCESS course at WMC, Brigitte Mierau is continuing her study at Camberwell College.

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