WMC Open Private View

Visual Arts   Winner Name Title of Work
Overall Prize £200 Pamela McKenzie


Avenue of Trees, Hampstead Heath
Ceramics £100 Claire Willmey


Still Life with a Parrot
Mixed Media/3D/Sculpture £100 Lorena Soledad Bau Sun & Rain
Foundation Prize £50 Lily Hart The Lost Thing
2D- Drawing, Painting, Print £100 Clifford Gibb Meeting on a Spiral Staircase
2D- Drawing, Painting, Print £100 Judith Cook Mediterranean
Fashion & Millinery £100 Nasrin Ahady


Film £50 Helen Jermyn  
  £50 Lydia Garrick  
  £50 Martin Fowler  
  £50 Patrick McCarthy  
Photography £100 Tanya Walton London Fashion Week
Technical Excellence £100 Sophia Staves


Native Themed Vessels
Fuller Prize £50 Patrick Costelloe Puffin Teapot
Witold’s Library Prize £50 Jeanette Gibson Utensils (Series 3)
Governors Prizes      
Tom Schuller £50 Maria Trimikliniotis He Took it Easy
Alexi Marmot £50 Lesley Chinn More Please




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