Postcards show 2018 – Welbeing

The 2018 WMC Postcards exhibition has the tittle “Wellbeing”.

Learners from all across the college were invited to submit an artwork of their choice with this theme.


Artists include:

Branwen Ruth Williams

Jeanette Simpson

Simon Slesicki

Jeffrey Amankwah

Vivienne Carberry

Khadija Sayed

Elaine Papworth

Karin Yiannakou

Lily Hart

Rory Taylor

Janette Gibson

Tara O’Carroll

Maria de Lord

Ria Robinson

Ned Kimber

Lizzy Lankester

Nick Scarfe

Claire Brennan

Carolann Morgan

River Griffin

Christine Piscina

Catherine Emmett

Mary-Kate O’Connor

Sue Irwin-Hunt

Hassan White

Caitlin Ralph

Maria Rosenthal


postcards poster 18

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