Foundation Diploma Art and Design Students – PLAY


WMC Foundation Diploma Art and Design Students
Supported by the Mayor of London’s Office AND Camden Town Unlimited

PLAY Flyer

With the support of the Mayor of London’s office and Camden Town Unlimited, Fine Art students Djelal Ispanedi, Anna Mahoney, Anne Murray, Pam Tierney, Helen O’Donoghue, Onur Yildirim, Kengo Wa Tama, Paige Phillips, Josie Ayers, Sarah Faulkner, Siobhan Beaton and Primož Klanjšček  on the Art and Design Foundation Diploma were presented with the opportunity to put on a two day event in an empty retail space next door to the college. Working within their chosen theme of ‘play’, their interactive exhibition of painting, video, sculpture, photography and installation explored the many forms that play can take. Not content with showcasing their work within a conventional white cube gallery space, the students produced a site specific backdrop full of colour, commentary and humour.

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About ruskingallery

The Ruskin Gallery is located at the Working Men's College in Camden. Ruskin Gallery is a contemporary gallery located in the historic building of Working Men’s College in Camden. In addition to providing students the opportunity to show at a professional level, the exhibition programme at Ruskin Gallery involves inviting external artists for site specific projects. The Ruskin Gallery is run by curator Esther Windsor, who is a curator, artist and writer living and working in London. Working Men’s College (WMC), the oldest surviving adult education institute in Europe, was founded in 1854 and was associated with the Cooperative Movement and the Christian Socialists, stemming, from the same tradition that led later to the Worker’s Educational Association. The Working Women’s College, founded 10 years later in 1864, finally merged with WMC in 1967. Early supporters of both have included F D Maurice, John Stuart Mill, Tom Hughes, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, John Ruskin, Ford Maddox Brown, Walter de la Mare and Octavia Hill. Originally based in Red Lion Street, we have been in this listed building in Camden Town since 1905. We have continued to develop the tradition of liberal education and today the College serves the whole community, with women, unemployed and refugee students forming the majority of the student body. We have grown rapidly in recent years but are still small enough to know all our students and to respond to their individual needs. WMC was designated as a Specialist Designated Institution (SDI) under the 1992 Further Education Act.