Lowes Dickinson Prize 2012

Lowes Dickenson

Prize 2012


22 November – 14 December 2012

 LDP NEW cover copy

Artists and writers:

Josie Ayres, Michael Baker, Beate Bechtold, Elizabeth Bordass, Amanda Cannon, Melissa Caplan, Fionnuala Condell Dominic Delargy Clifford Gabb Alfonso Jimenez Primoz Klanjsek

Scarlett Mannish, Marlene Martinez, Carl Nolan, Matthew Parker Bekki Perriman Andrea Popa Konstantinos Primerakis

The working men’s college is pleased to present the work of writers and artists taking part in this years Lowes Dickinson Award. The Working Men’s College offers an annual £1000 pound Art prize for its students called the Lowes Dickinson Award. His children also established a travel award for students in his memory.

Lowes Cato Dickinson (27 November 1819 – 15 December 1908) was a portrait painter and Christian socialist. He taught drawing with Ruskin and Rossetti. And was a founder of the Working Men’s College in London.  He corresponded and worked with the central participants of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood,[6] lecturing with both Dante Gabriel Rossetti and John Ruskin.[1] With other Christian Socialists, Dickinson founded the Working Men’s College, London, in 1854,[7] a college to provide a liberal education for artisans. He was an enthusiastic follower of the Christian socialist movement, and painted other Christian Socialists including Charles Kingsley,[8] Thomas Hughes, John Malcolm Forbes Ludlow, John Westlake, Frederick James Furnivall, Richard Buckley Litchfield, John Llewelyn Davies, and the movement’s founder, F.D.Maurice[7]

Other subjects for portraits included Queen Victoria, the Prime Minister and his cabinet, George Eliot. His papers are at Princeton,[1] Oxford and Cambridge Universities.  Dickinson has numerous paintings in the National Portrait Gallery in London, including his group painting of Gladstone‘s 1868 cabinet pictured in the cabinet room of 10 Downing Street.[4]

Gladstone's Cabinet - Lowes Dickinson

Gladstone’s Cabinet of 1868, painted by Lowes Cato Dickinson.

List of works

Clockwise from Lowes Dickenson wall sign

Visual art works

Wall and floor

Clifford Gabb

Clifford Gabb
In Progress
Acrylic on Paper
1000 x 705mm
Foundation Degree Art and Design Professional Practice

Amanda Cannon

Amanda Cannon
Punk meets Pre-Raphaelite beauty, old Victoriana meets the new via digital process 2011/12
Albimin photographic print using c4 processing
Approx. 60 x 45cm
Fashion design

Celine Samson
Who do we think we are 2012
4 x prints
80 x 50 cm
Foundation Degree Art and Design Professional Practice

Bekki Perriman
Puddles 2012
3 x Digital colour photographic prints
approx 15 x 30 cm
Foundation Degree Art and Design Professional Practice


Sandra Robinson
Untitled 2012
approx. 3 x 2 ‘
Installation of mixed media and ‘rubbish’ on plinth

Melissa Caplan
Giant Bra 2012
Mixed media, treated fabric, 3D hanging bra
Approx. 80 cm x 90 cm
Foundation Degree Art and Design Professional Practice

Alessandro Carboni
Plastic 2012
Melted plastic, glue and spray paint
1.7m x 60cm
Foundation Degree Art and Design Professional Practice

Melissa Caplan
traffic cone flower 2012
plastic traffic cone sculpture
approx. 40 x 20 cm
Foundation Degree Art and Design Professional Practice

In Cabinet

 Rosh Keegan
Bag for Life 2011
Ceramic figure
Approx. 30 x 10 cm
Fired clay, glazed with applied gold leaf and other media

Marysia Kratimenos
There is no wealth like life (from John Ruskin) 2012
Aron the snow leopard
Framed Drawing on velour
Botanical drawing

Elizabeth Bordass
Ceramic tigers x 2 fired and glazed
41 x  28 cm
and 15 x 10 cm

Stories on white wall

Creative writing unless stated otherwise

Dominic Delargy
Species: Autographus Hunterus 2012
Matthew Parker
Looking at my Watch 2012

Andrea Popa
Seizing Opportunities 2012

Linda Winter
Thoughts on a beginning 2012

Marlene Martinez
Falling from grace 2012

Poems on brick wall

Creative Writing

Michael Baker
Walkies 2012

Fionnuala Condell
The journey 2012

Sara Reyes-Espinoza
I am Mother Earth 2012
Foundation Diploma Art and Design

 Alfonso Jimenez

 the traveller 2012

Primoz Klanjsek
Collision 2012
Foundation Diploma Art and Design

 Sebiha Macit

A Sleeper’s Vision 2012
Foundation Diploma Art and Design

 Carl Nolan
I am a fire place 2012


Not represented in exhibition but included in prize

Konstantinos Primerakis
Piano Performance

In small cabinets


Beate Bechtold
Steiff bear 2011
Ceramic figure approx. 35 x 15 cm
Earthstone and terracotta, fired, glazed and unglazed

 Amanda Cannon
 Digitalised pin hole camera photograph 4 x 6”
Frame and cardboard box


Rowan Arts catalogues documenting hackney life portraits

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